How to Change The World (And Find Inner Peace At The Same Time)

“I’m not sure that fighting for anything will produce much good,” said Ajahn. We were talking about taking action to make the world a better place. “Oppression, violence, injustice, environmental destruction, these things all come from greed, anger and other bad habits of mind. So if we want to change the world, we have to … More How to Change The World (And Find Inner Peace At The Same Time)

On Depression

“I wonder what role the Christian premise of Original Sin plays in the Western epidemic of depression,” said Ajahn as we were walking down the street in the village. “In Thailand and other Buddhist countries, a human birth is a good thing because it gives an opportunity to work toward liberation. The Buddha taught that … More On Depression

On Death And Dana

Yesterday, Ajahn told me about J, a Frenchman who came to see him because he had lost his young daughter to a brain disease. He was devastated, and he also blamed himself. “He was grief-stricken. He said all he could do was go to the cemetery every day and cry. I tried to think of … More On Death And Dana

On Work

“Work is love made visible,” declared Ajahn this morning. “This is a line from Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. Have you read it? I think he is one of the Western poets that comes closest to the Buddha’s teachings. You should always try to find joy in your work, and you should focus on those aspects, … More On Work

The Broken Glass

“She just bought that umbrella, and it’s already broken,” said Ajahn laughing, looking at a woman running in the rain with a broken umbrella. “Ah yes, I replied, one of those cheap things made to break the first time you open it. I’ve bought a few of those before.” He looked at me with his … More The Broken Glass