Alms round

Thursday August 25, 2016, 10pm   Entry n°4  – Alms round   Since the time of the Buddha, monks have lived in symbiosis with lay people. The laity offers material support to the monks, who in turn offer spiritual support to the laity. And this tradition continues to this day, at least in Thailand and … More Alms round

Let’s eat!

22 August 2016, 9 pm   People have a lot of freedom at Shwe Oo Min. They come and go and make their own schedule. But there are two sessions everyone attends with religious punctuality every day. You guessed it, it’s the meals. You can skip the 4 am sit, you can avoid sitting all … More Let’s eat!

Shwe Oo Min monastery

Saturday August 20, 2016   A few days ago I arrived at Shwe Oo Min Buddhist Monastery, located on the outskirts of Rangoon, Burma. This place had been on my radar for a little over two years. Someone had told me the focus here wasn’t so much on hammering anapanasati (watching the breath) all day long, but rather on … More Shwe Oo Min monastery